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Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Group Departures
Trek code
Four days
Activity level
March to January
Price per person

Price per person

Group Departures available starting on March 2, 2017 onwards
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Private Departures
Trek code
Four days
Activity level
March to January
Price per person
2 hikers
4 hikers
6 hikers
8 hikers
Private group Departures available starting on March 2, 2017 onwards
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Classic Inca Trail :
Cusco, Huayllabamba, Warmiwañusca Pass, Pacaymayo, Wiñaywayna, Sun gate, Machu Picchu and Cusco.

Why the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a unique lifetime adventure? 
It is the most amazing way to reach the lost city of Machu Picchu, considered the most extraordinary archaeological site in the Americas!
Hiking the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu brings together outdoor adventure, culture and history. During these four days you will cross a few high passes, enjoy the beautiful views of snowcapped mountains, explore great archaeological Inca sites, learn about the Inca history and interact with Quechua people who still maintain Incas traditions.
Join us on this unforgettable adventure, we will do our best for you to have a safe and enjoyable Inca Trail to Machu Picchu trek, you can contact us now and check the exact availability on Inca trail permits. 

Important Information

*Please notice that the access to the Inca trail is controlled by SERNANP (Machu Picchu Authority) which has stablished a maximum number of people allowed on the trail per day. The Inca trail permits are limited to 500 per day (trek permits are also required for the porters and cooks), it is very important that we receive your Inca Trail reservations as far ahead as possible. Inca trail permits are granted on a first come first served basis, your Inca trail permit will be confirmed only after your passport information and deposit are provided.

**It is strongly recommended that you arrive in Cusco at least two days before starting your hike on the Inca trail. It will allow you to adjust to the altitude and enjoy Cusco and its beautiful surroundings.

***Upon your arrival in Cusco please call us at (+51) 996 512 083 to confirm the meeting place and time of your pre-trek briefing with your Inca trail guide. It will take place even at our Cusco office or at your hotel at least one day prior to the beginning of your Inca trail hike.

****During the time that you will be hiking the Inca trail, your main luggage can be stored at our Cusco office or at your hotel storage.

*****Finally, but very important, we carry plenty of oxygen on all our Inca trail treks, so if you experience the effects of altitude sickness like heart palpitations, breathing difficulty or dizziness, tell your guide, he is able to help you and will ensure you stay safe during your Inca trail experience.

Classic Inca Trail inclusions

• Professional English speaking Guide.
• Inca Trail Permit and Machu Picchu entry fee.
• Cook and Porters support (who carry tents, cooking gear and food).
• Camping Gear (REI Four-season tents, Sleeping Pad, Duffel bag.)
• Portable Oxygen Tank and First-aid kit.
• Nine meals and water during the trek.
• Expedition train ticket (Aguas Calientes - Cusco).
• Bus ticket (Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes).
• Pre-departure information meeting.
• Hotel pick-up and drop-off service.

Inca Trail Trek dates


Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Itinerary

Day 1: Bring your Passport and embark on your Inca trail Adventure.

Finally, the day to start your lifetime adventure on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu has come, this morning you are picked up from your hotel, join your Inca trail group and embark on a smooth ride through the spectacular sacred valley of the Incas, after a three-hour journey we arrive at the trailhead at Km 82, we meet our Inca trail crew of Quechua porters and Cook, these gentlemen of the Andes will do their best for you to have a safe and memorable experience.
Today, we will have a six-hour hike on a well-marked path, enjoying the eucalyptus groves, outstanding views of Urubamba River, the Vilcanota Mountain Range, the snow-capped peak of Veronica (19,102 ft./5,822m.) and the agricultural terraces in the Inca complex of Llaqtapata.
Overnight in Huayllabamba campsite – REI four-season tents
Hiking distance: approximately 7.5 miles/12 kilometers
Hiking time: approximately 6 hours

Meals included: Lunch and DInner

Day 2: Reaching the top of the Dead Woman’s Pass is achievable and rewarding.

Today may be the most challenging day of your Inca trail adventure, we will climb steeply almost 4,000 feet (1,220 meters), but no worries your guide and Inca trail crew will ensure you have a safe and unique experience.
Before setting off on our second day on the Inca trail, we will have a nutritious breakfast that will give us sufficient fuel and energy to reach the top of the Dead Woman’s Pass (13,780 feet/4,200 meters). If you need to push yourself, keep an eye on the prize, there are no words to describe the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that you will feel when reaching the top of the Dead woman’s Pass. You will have breathtaking views of the thick forest, snowcapped peaks and the Inca trail.
After crossing the Dead Woman’s Pass, we start descending along a rock stepped trail to Pacaymayo valley (11,810 feet/3,600 meters), our campsite for tonight.
Overnight in Pacaymayo campsite – REI four-season tents
Hiking distance: approximately 7 miles/11 kilometers
Hiking time: approximately 8 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and DInner

Day 3: Beautiful Andean scenery while walking on the Royal Inca trail.

Today is going to be a great day, we will have to reach only two mountain passes, easier than the Dead Woman’s pass, cross the cloud forest and visit amazing Inca sites.
We have a hearty breakfast while enjoying the beautiful views of the clouds over the mountains, then we set off on our third day on the Inca trail.
We start with a one-hour climb to the circular ruins of Runkurakay, it is believed it was a resting place for Incan couriers during Inca times. After visiting this Inca site, we continue climbing for almost one hour towards Runkurakay Pass (12,960 feet/3,950 meters) here we will have breathtaking views of the snowcapped mountains of Vilcabamba range.
We continue our hike down to the “inaccessible town” of Sayacmarca, a well preserved mysterious Inca complex (11,772 feet/3,588 meters), no-one knows what this Inca site was built for but you will enjoy it much.
Now the trail climbs down to the valley floor, beautiful orchids start appearing while we walk on the Inca road. The trail starts to climb again, we will pass through the Inca tunnel that traverses solid rock; it is so impressive how the Incas built these roads along the mountains and rainforest. After passing the tunnel, the trail leads up to the third pass, we reach Phuyupatamarka (12,140 feet/3,700 meters), now it is a great opportunity to enjoy stunning views of Salkantay and Veronica snowcapped Mountains.
After crossing our third mountain Pass, we reach the “Cloud-Level Town” of Phuyupatamarka , one of the most impressive archaeological Inca centers.
Finally, we camp near Wiñaywayna (8,829 feet/2,691 meters), the most spectacular archaeological complex of the entire Inca Trail.
Hiking distance: approximately 10 miles/16 kilometers
Hiking time: approximately 8 hours
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and DInner

Day 4: You made it! Finally in Machu Picchu.

Today is going to be the most exciting day of your life-changing Adventure on the Inca trail. We will wake up very early, have another hearty breakfast and head to the “Sun Gate” for your first sight of the “lost city” of Machu Picchu!  You may want to spend some time sitting and overlooking Machu Picchu, what a wonderful view!
We can’t stop; we hike down for just one hour and arrive in Machu Picchu, one of the most extraordinary archaeological sites on earth!
Machu Picchu Tour
Your English speaking guide will be happy to tell you the history and secrets of such an amazing Inca site.
After your tour, you will have plenty of time to take pictures, rest or just explore Machu Picchu.
Afternoon: Expedition train Aguas Calientes - Cusco.
Upon arrival at Ollantaytambo or Cusco train station you will be met by our representative and transferred to your Hotel.
Hiking distance: approximately 2.5 miles/4 kilometers
Hiking time: approximately 4 hours
Meals included: Breakfast

Classic Inca Trail trek price: from US$650 per person.

Trek price inclusions:

Professional English speaking guide, pre-departure information meeting, four-season tents, sleeping pad, duffel bag, first aid kit, portable oxygen tank, cooking equipment, nine meals during the trek, transfers, bus ticket Machu Picchu-Aguas Calientes, Expedition train ticket Aguas Calientes-Cusco, cook, porter support (who carry all tents, cooking equipment and food), Inca trail and Machu Picchu entrance fees.

Trek price does not include:

Domestic air fares to Cusco, airport taxes, meals other than those specified in your itinerary, sleeping bag (If you need sleeping bags please contact us) personal porter, personal expenses, personal insurance, and tips.

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